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Licence Key Synology 13




54 driver I try to find a way to log back to my NAS. I am using sny-os. I already tried to put in my Synology account in the login dialog but when I am asked for a "licence key", I don't know the right licence key to provide. Can someone help? @belze, the key is not a random string of chars, it is a key that goes into your NAS. As long as it is configured correctly, it works in any environment. You don't get a licence key that is used for a single installation, but a licence key that is used in conjunction with a NAS. So, if you reinstall your NAS, it will need a new key. If your NAS is not working properly anymore, you can ask for a licence key from the administrator of the Synology support. I am a bit puzzled since you're not able to do what you want to do. You can login to the machine as one of the administrators or the owner, but not as any other user. If you're trying to recover some data, you could ask an administrator to do it for you. synology 1354 user licence key Synology 1354 user licence key I am facing a problem trying to log back to my synology 1354 machine with my own licence key. I entered the correct user name/password and got in the initial log-in screen, but when I enter the licence key, it does not work. Can anyone help? i have followed all of your instructions as best as i could. i tried both the owner and administrator login but neither works. i can



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Licence Key Synology 13

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